2019 Charities

American Wildlife Refuge is a nonprofit based in Raleigh, NC that rescues and rehabilitates injured raptors and releases those able to care for themselves back into the wild. They also provide a refuge and placement services for unreleasable birds and provide educational presentations to the public.
The Animal Protection Society of Durham is a nonprofit based in Durham, NC that builds lifelong bonds between people and animals through education, community outreach and providing care for animals in need.
BeWild is a nonprofit based in Chapel Hill, NC dedicated to educating the community about responsible exotic pet ownership and safe cohabitation with local wildlife through interactive programs. They also offer adoptions and act as a rescue for displaced exotic pets.
Carolina Tiger Rescue is a nonprofit based in Pittsboro, NC that saves and protects wild cats in captivity and in the wild. They provide a forever home for exotic animals in need and also educate the public.
The Conservators Center is a nonprofit based in Burlington, NC dedicated to reconnecting people with wildlife. They’re focused on public education throughout the Triangle and Triad and they partner with other organizations around the state and across the country to help members of the public to learn more about the animals we share our planet with.
Eyes Ears Nose and Paws is a nonprofit based in Carrboro, NC that harnesses the unique strengths of human-canine partnerships. They teach inmates to train assistance dogs that are then partnered with people who have disabilities.
Go Conscious Earth is a nonprofit based in Durham, NC that protects African rainforests and the people and animals that live there by partnering with indigenous communities to eliminate extreme poverty and cultivate sustainable practices.
Independent Animal Rescue is a nonprofit based in Durham, NC that organizes foster homes for dogs and cats primarily in the Triangle. They also fund spaying and neutering programs, lobby for legislation protecting animals, and perform education and outreach to teach children about animal welfare.
Jenna and Friends Animal Sanctuary is a nonprofit based in Chapel Hill, NC providing a home for rescued animals, including pot-bellied pigs, chickens, roosters, cats, dogs and guinea pigs.
Our Wild Neighbors is a nonprofit based in the Triangle that’s dedicated to the rehabilitation and release of injured and orphaned wildlife. They provide professional medical treatment and integrate animals back into their natural habitats, along with offering educational programs for schools and businesses.
Paws4ever is a nonprofit based in Mebane, NC dedicated to creating and growing lifetime relationships between pets and people through adoption, training, education & care. Formed in 1962, they also offer a sanctuary, dog park, nature trail and more.
Spirit Canine Rescue is a nonprofit based in Snow Camp, NC dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation and responsible placement of abandoned, abused and neglected dogs of all breeds.
Wild Tails is a nonprofit based in Snow Camp, NC providing a safe and permanent home for a diverse collection of animals alongside wildlife education and outreach programs.
Wildlife Welfare is a nonprofit based in Raleigh, NC dedicated to the rehabilitation and release of injured and orphaned wildlife. They also offer training and support for individuals to become licensed rehabilitators.

+ many more charities announced soon!

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